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Advice, exchanges and  Tips for Amputees

 Following a motorcycle accident at the age of 25 with a motorist who fled, without having been found, I was therefore amputated at the tibial level several times in 1996.
  I followed a first rehabilitation while following a program of preparation for athletics (sprint).
  Then a year after my release from rehabilitation, I had to be re-amputated 2 more times, because of severe pain. Again, I went back to rehabilitation. All of my stays in hospital and in rehabilitation lasted a little over 2 years.

  Then I resumed my active and sporting life.
It was possible to continue to practice Aikido, mountain biking and various sports.

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Resuming my sports activities was like an amplifier of happiness.
Even if at the beginning, I did not yet have a perfectly adapted socket, it is over the years that I finally found "shoe to my feet" thanks to my last prosthetist, a better interpretation of feelings, some discoveries care based on natural products (thanks to my partner) and technical studies and tips to improve my quality of life.

  Now, it seems important to me to share as much information as possible to bring a better quality of life to Everyone.

  This sharing takes place on a daily basis,  thanks to our Facebook group made up of "dismembered" members and health professionals.

  On this site, which is the continuity of the FB group, some publications become articles archived here for easier consultation.

  I would like to thank all the participants of CÉ2A because Together, we exchange to improve the Quality of Life for other people, to be:

Otherwise Capable and not disabled.

Laurent Zaï
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Interview in a mountain bike magazine:
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